Orphanages: Children are the future of South Sudan

Bakhita Orphanage

South Sudan’s children are the most vulnerable casualties amidst the crisis in South Sudan. Because of this, the Sudan Relief Fund had decided to fully fund a new orphanage in the Yambio-Tombura Diocese. After its completion it was decided to name the orphanage after Saint Josephine Bakhita in honor of the Sudanese people. We provide funding for clean water, food, basic medicines and medical service. In addition, our funding helps provide a security fence around the orphanage, scholarships for school fees and supplies, money to construct latrines and bathing rooms and money for shoes, clothing, and basic hygiene items. The ongoing work of Saint Bakhita Orphanage is funded by generous donations from our donors.



The Congregation of Christian Brothers’ Orphans Program

The Congregation of Christian Brothers’ Star Support Group provides a safe, nurturing environment for orphans afflicted with HIV/AIDS. With your support, we are able to provide these children with shelter, free medication and health services, and scholarships for primary and secondary school.